Mini Bookstore

The Marston Hill Mini Bookshop was established around 2010 in the bottom floor of the Pines, on the premises of the print shop which Martin Allwood together with Lennart Lundberg had operated between 1976 and 1997,

The book shop contains antiquarian books in several different genres, from fiction and poetry to social science and philosophy, in about 10 languages, the majority of which is constituted by English and Swedish.

A special section is devoted to the books of Martin Allwood, from 1939 to 1997. Smaller sections include books by Jens Allwood, Kristin Allwood and Carl-Martin Allwood. There is also a small section containing books published by the Immigrant Institute.


1 book: 150SEK, 2 books: 250SEK, 3 books: 325SEK. Additional books will cost 50SEK each. Special offer: 20 books for 1000SEK. Prices include postage and packaging within Sweden.

To order a book, write an email stating which books you want to:

List of Books:

Books by Martin Allwood
Books in English
Books in Swedish
More books by different authors