About us

Marston Hill is beautifully situated on the slope of a hill with a view of the Mullsjö valley and lake Mullsjö. Charles Allwood from England, arrived in Sweden in August 1902. In 1909, he married Aina Åkerhielm. In 1916 they bought a piece of land in Mullsjö, where the house Marston Hill was built in 1923.  Marston Hill has been an intercultural center since 1924. During a long period, the main activity at Marston Hill consisted in educational programs teaching English language and Anglo-American culture. But there have also been other activities focusing on more spiritual matters, science, art, literature, music, linguistics, communication and cognitive science. Scholars, researchers, writers and artists from many parts of the world, e.g. India, China, Africa and Europe have visited Marston Hill. Many courses, seminars and conferences in different disciplines (often academic) have taken place at Marston Hill. Marston Hill and its activities were inherited by Charles Allwood’s son Martin Allwood and then by Martin’s son Jens Allwood.

Today, Marston Hill is an intercultural center for quality of life, consisting of 11 houses. The goal is to sustain and present ideas from the whole world about how we can achieve a better quality of life. Courses, seminars and conferences are arranged. There is also a Mini Book Shop at Marston Hill with antiquarian books, both literary and scientific works, in about 10 languages.

Since about year 2000, there is also a popular Bed and Breakfast activity all year round. Rooms, apartments and cottages can be rented, as well as rooms for conferences and seminars.